Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #53

Ren 任脈and Du Mai督脈

Qigong Dao 14: DantianWe have talked about how the Ren任脉 and Du Mai督脉 are the second as third most important channels because they form the Xiao Zhou Tian小周天, Small Heavenly Circle, when they join together. Once the Xiao Zhou Tian if formed the Qi will keep flowing and all the 12 Major Channels will be smooth and the Qi will flow better. The body’s system will be strong and we would rather focus on this than induvial channels.

However, between the Ren and Du Mai, do you know which is more important? This is the Ren Mai. Although with both Mai the Qi starts at the bottom at the Huiyin point會陰 and rises up the front and back of the body, but if we want the Qi to flow better we must be able to let the Qi flow down the front via the Ren Mai. The more we bring the Qi down, as in Fang Song放鬆 and Shou Gong 功 where we bring the Qi down from the head to the Dantian, then the Dantian will be stronger and the flow of Qi will also be stronger. Then it can rise up from the Dantian. We cannot bring the Qi up by ourselves, we need to bring the Qi down first. Then when there is enough Qi it will rise up by itself. This is the natural way.

Every time we bring our hands down from the face to the Dantian the Qi will flow down the Ren Mai and so the flow of Ren Mai will become smooth and the Du Mai will also be smooth and then the Xiao Zhou Tian will be formed. So the Ren Mai is the second most important channel and the Du Mai is the third most important channel.

Michael Tse

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  1. saskia v. heusden
    saskia v. heusden says:

    Dear Sifu, maybe this is beside the point in a way, but the Chinese characters in the articles facinate me. They are for me an other way to try to see and remember conections. I am not good at it but it helps my fantasy make little stories and in that way hopefully stick to my brain, for I find the Dao’s are complex material to comprehend when I try to repeat for myself, eventhough the way you explain is very understandeble.
    There for my questions :
    – in Dao 27 : Dao 道 has two parts one is 首which means head, a human head. This means person. The second part辵 means walking and stopping. It is also a boat on the water.
    Question :How comes the boat character changes when the characters are seperated.
    – in Dao 53 : A simelar thing is happening in the heading Ren 任脈 and Du Mai 督脈, in the text Ren 任脉 and Du Mai 督脉 ,
    Question : Can the Mai be written in different characters?
    Or are these a differences between Traditional and simplefied Chinese?
    With kind regards.
    from your curious student, Saskia

  2. Michael Tse
    Michael Tse says:

    Chinese writing is complex, 辵 means Walking, Stopping and on the Boat, When we are writing a Chinese, most of character has half of the relationship of the that subject or verb etc. like water
    水 write like that individually, but if it is something relates with water like bath, we write like that
    氵that 3 dots represent water, so if we see 3 dots we know it is about water.
    If write travel we write like that
    遊, that have walking, stoping or on the boat as well. If we want to write go back we write like that
    返, So when we see
    辵 , that is about traveling and distance moving.
    Regarding other question about Mai in Chinese
    脈,This one is traditional writing,
    脉, This one is simplified writing.
    It can have more than one kind of writing sometimes it is because Chinese character has been developed thousands of years.


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