Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #116

 Siu Lim Tao 小念頭

I continued to go and see my Uncle ascend after a month he eventually agreed to teach me.

He said to me, “Children are impatient and give up easily. Also I do not want you to use this skill to bully others. You should use it properly.” I agreed. My patience and sincerity impressed him and so he began to accept me as his student.

From then I learnt that this skill was called Wing Chun. At first I thought there works be lots of dramatic movements, but there was not. The first form I learnt was called Siu Lim Tao 小念頭, which means Reduce Your Thought. I had to stand with my knees slightly bent so that they did not go past my toes, with my heels out so my feet made a triangle shape. My hands moved very slowly forwards and then backwards and it could take anywhere from 5 minutes to other an hour!

When you stand for over an hour imagine how your body will feel?  You have to relax until you feel comfortable. At first your mind is very active and then it calms down and the thoughts reduce until it is eventually empty, or at least has fewer thoughts. This is “minimising your thoughts”.  This is when I could feel something moving inside me, when I did the form, and my uncle said to me “It is Qi!”

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