Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 344

Three Qì Balls – Part 5

These Three balls internal as long as we develop the lower Dāntián 丹田  Qì 氣, the other two will eventually form. It is just a matter of how much Qì we have. Everything happens naturally, just like if we take a block of ice and put it in a pot and heat it up. As it warms it becomes water, if we keep heating it up, until it boils, it will become steam and in the end there will be nothing left in the pot. Everything in nature is like this, it starts from the basic and simple things and then follows a certain order to organise or keep growing, it then becomes something more advanced, something more spiritual. From here it then goes back to the basic and simple state. So for our Qìgōng, as long as we practise regularly then eventually we will have enough Qì and be able to understand these three internal Qì balls, and the feeling between each one. The Qì develops slowly and the change happens slowly and you will not even know. It is just like waking up in the morning on a new day and the plants have grown, their growth is not obvious but it is happening slowly.  As the internal Qì Balls are developing, the external Qì balls will develop at the same time. When this happens we will be able to feel the Qi especially in the hands, around the acupuncture points, for example when we place our palms facing each other we will feel the Qì around the Láogōng 勞宮 points.

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