Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 345

Three Qì Balls – Part 6

Bāguà Step 八卦步

If we have developed the internal Qì Balls, the external Qì balls will form as well. Everything in nature has its external and internal parts, just like our body, we can see our head, our skin, our eyes, our nose, our arms and our legs etc. But we cannot see the inside, our organs, our bones, our brain etc. When the internal Qì is strong enough we will be able to feel it on the outside. It is like in Balancing Gong 平衡功 when we perform Opening and Closing the Dāntián 開合丹田, we are physically opening and closing and this moves our Qì from the Dāntián. In Healthy Living Gong 健康生活功 Part 3, Bāguà Step 八卦步, when we are holding the Qì ball we can feel the ball of energy in our hands. Also in the Wild Goose 1st 64 大雁氣功前六十四, Wind Hand Around Head and Ears 纏頭過耳, we can feel the Qì from our palm moving up the arm, around the head and the ears. If the external Qì develops so it is strong enough that we can feel it like this, then other people will also be able to feel it from us. If we put our hand close to another person and our Qì is strong enough for them to feel it, then we are good enough to heal others. However, we must make sure we recharge our Qì after we heal in order to get rid of the sick Qì we have taken in from them.

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