Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 346

Three Qì Balls – Part 7

Once our Qi is strong enough internal Qì balls, the external Qì balls, the next Qì ball to develop is the Tiān Rén Hé Yī  天人合一 – Heaven and Human to become One. Unlike the internal Qì balls, we do not have three external Qì balls as we do not have three external Dāntiáns 丹田. Even so, although here are three Dāntiáns and they all belong to one internal Qì ball. So there is really only one internal Qì ball. The second is the external Qì ball and the third is when the Qì ball connects with nature, heaven and earth, so the surroundings like tree, mountains, oceans, land, people and animals. We can feel the Qì from anything around us even from the Sun the Moon and the sky. In the beginning, we only feel the Qì from the things that we can see, that we can touch. Then later we can feel the Qì from things that are a long way away, but we must have a connection to those things. At an even higher level we can feel or sense the Qì from situations in the past or even in the future. This is a really high level. Once we develop the ability to do this, we will always be able to do it, however we can sometimes become confused by other energies. These can affect us, so it is important to be healthy, grounded and calm.

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