Master Tse’s Qìgōng Dao 253

Sì Shén Cōng  四神聰 – Part 4

Once the Bǎihuì and the Sì Shén Cōng 四神聰 are open, it is like the main gate being open and so a lot of Qi can come out from the head. Many points will be open like the Běn Shén 本神,Shéntíng 神庭, Yùzhěn 玉枕, Fēng Fǔ 風府,Fēng Chí 風池, Yǎmén 瘂門,Tóu Wéi 頭維. This is because the Bǎihuì百會 and the Sì Shén Cōng are the most important points in the whole body. However we cannot visualize the Qi to open the Bǎihuì point, any points above the Shānzhōng point 膻中穴 we should not visualize them, as we must not force them to open. They must all be opened from the Lower Dāntián 下丹田. It is like boiling a pot of water, we must heat it up from the bottom, not from the lid, this is the best way. During our practise, before the Bǎihuì and Sì Shén Cōng are open, we may find the head feels warmer, even itchy. When we are meditating we might see colours or feel many sensations in our head. Sometime we might see colours even when our eyes are open, this can happen especially when practising Horse Stance. When these things happen, our faces will look shiny, our eyes will be brighter and our skin will feel softer. After a certain time you will find you understand things, pick things up more quickly than you did before and your memory is better. However, the Bǎihuì and the Sì Shén Cōng can close if we do not keep practising.

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