Master Tse’s Qìgōng Dao 254

Sānjiāo 三焦 – Triple Warmer – Part 1

The body has five Yīn organs, which we call Zàng 臟, and six Yáng organs, which we call Fǔ腑.

Zàng refers the organs that are more inside the body an so more internal. These are the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys. We all know that these organs are very important and they directly relate to our lives. So some organs we cannot live without, like our heart, lungs, kidney and liver, even our spleen is still important. Western medicine can allow some people to live even though they are missing a certain organ, but nothing is better than having all your own, healthy organs.

Fǔ means a room or a house, so it refers to organs that are more outside, not so deep inside the body and so more external. They are the Yáng organs, the gall bladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, urinary bladder and Sānjiāo 三焦 – Triple Warmer. The first five we can recognise as organs, but what is the Sānjiāo, where is it and what is it for? The Sānjiāo is not actually an organ, but it is as important as the other five Yáng organs. This is because is balances the Qi and the temperature of the internal organs. “Sān 三” means “Three” and “Jiāo 焦” means “Warmer” or “Burner”.

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