Master Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 255

Sānjiāo 三焦 – Triple Warmer – Part 2

The Sānjiāo 三焦 is not one of the organs, but it is treated as one and just as important. It is a Yáng organs, which we call Fǔ 腑 and it also has its own Jīngluò 經絡 – channel. Only organs have their own Jīngluò and it is like an organ. As we saw last time, Sānjiāo means Triple Warmer and this means there are three warmers; the Shàngjiāo 上焦 – Upper Warmer, the Zhōngjiāo 中焦 – Middle Warmer and the Xiàjiāo下焦 – Lower Warmer.

The Upper Warmer is the area of the body from the Tiāntu point 天突穴 to the Shānzhōng point膻中穴 and so it is the upper part of the body. This area covers the heart and the lungs. The Middle Warmer is from the Shānzhōng point down to the Qìhǎi point 氣海穴and covers the spleen, stomach, liver and gall bladder. The Lower Warmer is from the Qìhǎi point to the Huìyīn point 會陰穴and covers the kidneys, urinary bladder, small intestine and large intestine.

So we see there are three separate areas, but they are connected together and so if one has a problem it will affect the others. Whenever the Sānjiāo has a problem the Qì will be blocked and the balance of all the warmers will be affected.

Sānjiāo 三焦 – Triple Warmer

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