Master Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 256

Sānjiāo 三焦 – Triple Warmer – Part 3

Practising Horse Stance will help the Qi pass through the body

When the Sānjiāo 三焦 has a problem, the Qì will not be able to pass through from one Jiāo 焦 to another. It might be that the Qì cannot pass from the Shàngjiāo 上焦– Upper Warmer down to the Xiàjiāo 下焦 – Lower Warmer. Generally the Qì should pass from the Shàngjiāo to the Zhōngjiāo 中焦 – Middle Warmer, and then pass from the Zhōngjiāo to the Xiàjiāo – Lower Warmer. This is in order to release the excess Qì and then the good Qì, which is light, will rise up, just like steam rises up through water.

If the Sānjiāo is not well then it is called Sānjiāo Bìng 三焦病, which means illness of the Sānjiāo. If we have this, then we will feel heavy, irritated and angry. Physically, we might have stomach-ache, stomach swallow, need to go to the toilet often, but might not be able to go properly as the urine cannot pass down properly, or we may be constipated. These are all reactions to the Sānjiāo being blocked, so we need to make sure that the Qì can pass through the Sānjiāo properly. Of course if we practise Qìgōng regularly, we should not have that or other problems as well. So practising Qìgōng regularly is important.

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