Master Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 257

Xīn Bāo 心包 – Pericardium

There is another organ that has its own channel and is not easy to see. Any organ that has its own channel is very important and so must be taken very seriously. This organ called Xīn Bāo 心包, the Pericardium and its channel is Shǒu Juéyīn Xīn Bāo Jīng 手厥陰心包經 – Hand Juéyīn Pericardium Jīng.
Xīn 心means heart and Bāo 包 means cover, so it is the cover of the heart. This means it covers the heart to protect it. We all know how important the heart is and so there must be something to protect it. The Xīn Bāo is actually is a kind of double wall sack. It has two layers which cover the heart and protect it. If the Xīn Bāo has a problem we can find that the heart beats faster or slower, it can make us feel sick, have chest pains, feel dizzy and can even affect our stomach. If the Xīn Bāo is healthy then the heart will be healthy. The Xīn Bāo is also connected to the Sānjiāo 三焦. They are a pair where the Xīn Bāo is Zàng 臓 – the Yīn organ, and the Sānjiāo is the Fǔ 腑 – the Yáng organ. They are like brother and sister supporting each other. However, this also means that if the Xīn Bāo has a problem, then the Sānjiāo will also have a problem, but on the other hand, if the Sānjiāo is healthy the Xīn Bāo is also healthy.

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