Master Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 258

The difference Between Sport and Qìgōng 氣功

Many people ask, “What is the difference between sport, dancing and Qìgōng氣功?” The answer is sport and dancing are both external. They are concerned with what you can see. Qìgōng is internal and deals with the Qì 氣, the feeling of the movements and even meditation, all things which you cannot see. So we can simply say sport and dancing are external and Qìgōng is internal.

If we go to work and do something physical this is external, it is about the work, the movement and doing something. You may make something or just play games, but these are just external and physical. They will not make you healthy because they might not have anything to do with good health. Some might be partly related to good health, but this is not their main purpose. So sport or dancing and other physical things are not Qìgōng and do not have the same benefits of Qìgōng – good health.

Qìgōng is internal, each movement and each position has an internal benefit, because they are about the flow of Qì. So we will be able to feel our Qì, the more Qì we have the stronger feeling will get. To be healthy, the internal body, the organs, the heart, lungs, kidneys etc. are very important, and all the functions of the body are important. So Qìgōng is internal movement and stillness which is good for our health.

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