Master Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 259

Seven Hollows Qī Qiào 七竅 – Part 1

On the face we have seven points or Seven Hollows – Qī Qiào 七竅. They are two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and the mouth. These seven points are very important to our Qì氣 and to our internal organs. The Qì enters and releases through these seven Hollows and whenever our internal organs have a problem, the seven Hollows will respond and react.

The eyes real to the liver. If the liver has a problem, the eyes will be either dry or very watery  and sometimes you cannot see clearly. On the other hand, if the eyes are clear and bright, then the liver is in a good condition. We can therefore see people’s problems through their eyes. If the liver has a problem, we can also see the colour of the eyes change, the eyes will have a yellowish colour, be cloudy or even have cataracts. All these are related to the liver.

The ears relate to the kidneys. If you look at the shape of the ears you can see they are similar in shape to the kidneys. So, if the kidneys have a problem, then the hearing will also have a problem and you may have difficulty listening to low voice sounds. Also loud noises can affect our hearing and this also affects our kidneys

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