Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 231

Man 慢 – Slow

In Qigong we move slowly. Slow movements allow you to feel your body. Practising Qigong helps us to feel the internal body and this is a healthy thing. Some people fail to feel their internal body and this is because they never relax enough. Only when you can really relax can you feel the inside of the body and this is because the flow of blood and Qi is much stronger. This strong circulation is why we feel warmer when we do our Qigong.

Slow in Chinese is Man 慢. This is the pronunciation of the Chinese and it has nothing to do with the English meaning for “Man”. If we look at the Chinese character for Man 慢 it has two parts. The first part is 忄, which belongs to Xin 心 and this mean heart. The right side is also pronounced Man, but is written as 曼. This Man 曼 means long and beautiful. So all together it means, if we want to do something for longer and make it beautiful, we should do it slowly and take our time to get it right. Then we can experience every step and appreciate the beauty. All beautiful things take a long time to create. Qigong is beautiful, but it takes time and you have to be slow, then you can get it right.

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