Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #160

Eight Extra Channels 奇 經 八 脈 pt4

After talking about the Ren Mai 任脈and the Du Mai 督脈we now look at. Dai Mai literally means Belt Channel and it is like a belt that goes around the waist.  For normal people the Dai Mai is not full and so does not go completely around the waist. The Qi starts from under the last rib and then passes down to the Dai Mai Point 帶脈穴. From here it passes to the Wu Shu 五樞 and then to the Wei Dao 維道. It then comes back up to the waist at the Qi Hai 氣海 point.  It then goes to the other side past the Dai Mai, Wu Shu and We Dao points, and then goes around behind the back to form a circle and so the cycle repeats again. However, when we practice Qigong, the Qi is strong, the Dai Mai  just goes around the waist passing the Qi Hai, Shen Yu 腎兪, Ming Men 命門.  It is just like a belt around the waist and it is good for the kidneys, intestines and opens up the Qi in the Dantian.  Together the Ren Mai, Du Mai and Dai Mai control and protect upper body wrapping it just like the parcel that has been wrapped with nice paper and tied up with string.

These channels keep us safe and our energy strong. When the Ren, Du and Dai Mai are smooth we are healthy as all the internal organs are protected and supported. Therefore the 8 extra channels are very important, particularly the next one we will look at which is the Chong Channel 衝脈.


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