Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #159

Eight Extra Channels 奇 經 八 脈 pt3

In previous articles we have already mentioned how the Ren Mai 任 脈 flows along the front of the chest, from the Huiyin 會陰 point up to the Cheng Jiang 承漿 point. This means the Qi flows up from the bottom of the Lower Dantian, between the legs, up to the lower lip.  It can also flow downwards as well, but no matter if it flows from the top down or from the bottom up, whenever we are practicing Qigong we always direct our Qi from the top of our head down to the Lower Dantian. We do so because this is what must happen first. When the Dantian Qi is strong enough it will naturally rise up, just like when we practise Low Horse Stance. Our Qi will rise up because the Dantian Qi is full. If not we will not feel the heat rise up to the face.

At the same time the Ren Mai flows, the Du Mai 督脉 will react the same way and so Qi will flow along the Du Mai at the same time the Qi flows along the Ren Mai. The Du Mai starts at the Chang Qiang 長强 point, just behind the Huiyin point and flows along the spine, over the head, past the Baihui 百會 and down the forehead to the Yin Jiao 齦交 point  on the upper gum.


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