Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 218

Hand Shao Yang Triple Warmer Jing 手少陽三焦經

From the Hand Jue Yin Pericardium Jing 厥陰心包經 the Qi now flows to the Hand Shao Yang Triple Warmer Jing 手少陽三焦經, its strongest time is 9-11pm. The Triple Warmer consists of the three parts of the body. The Upper Warmer is from the Tiantu Point 天突穴 to the Tanzhong Point 膻中穴 and so covers the lungs. The Middle Warmer is from the Tangzhong Point to the Qihai Point 氣海穴 and so covers the liver, spleen, stomach, large intestine, small intestine and Kidneys. The Lower Warmer is from the Qihai Point to the Huiyin Point 會陰穴 and it covers the large intestine, small intestine and urinary bladder. We need our Qi to be able to flow through all these Warmers so this is a very important Jing.

The last point on the Pericardium Jing was the Zhongchong Point 中衝穴 on the middle finger. From here the Qi flows up the back of the middle finger to the Guanchong Point 關衝穴 and then it flows up to the ear, to the Ermen 耳門穴 and then to the Sizhukong 絲竹空穴 near the temple. All together there are 46 points on this Jing and so 23 on each side. It will take about eight days to memorise these.

  1. Guanchong 關衝
  2. Yemen 液門
  3. Zhongzhu 中渚
  4. Yangchi 陽池
  5. Waiguan 外關
  6. Zhigou 支溝
  7. Huizong 會宗
  8. Sanyangluo 三陽絡
  9. Sidu 四瀆
  10. Tianjing 天井
  11. Qinglengyuan 清冷淵
  12. Xiaoluo 消濼
  13. Naohui 臑會
  14. Jianliao 肩髎
  15. Tianliao 天髎
  16. Tianyou 天牖
  17. Yifeng 翳風
  18. Qimai 契脈
  19. Luxi 顱息
  20. Jiaosun 角孫
  21. Ermen 耳門
  22. Erheliao 耳和髎
  23. Sizhukong 絲竹空
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