Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 219

Foot Shao Yang Gall Bladder Jing 足太陽膀胱經

After the Hand Shao Yang Triple Warmer Jing 手少陽三焦經, the Qi now flows to the Foot Tai Yang Gall Bladder Jing 足太陽膀胱經. Its strongest time is 11pm – 1am, which means it goes into the following day. Remember traditionally, in China there were only 12 hours in a day and so one Chinese hour is the equivalent of two hours. At night the gall bladder is strong. The last point of the Triple Warmer Jing was the Sizhukong 絲竹空 near the temple. The Qi flows from here to the Tongzilao 瞳子髎穴 next to the eye. It then flows up around the head and then flows along the inside of the body, to the outside of the leg to the Zuqiaoyin Point 足竅陰穴 . There are 88 points in total and so 44 point on each side. It should take 15 days to remember them, which is a little bit more, but we can do it. The points are:

The first 20 Point of the
Foot Shao Yang Gall Bladder Jing 足太陽膀胱經

Points 21 to 44 of the
Foot Shao Yang Gall Bladder Jing 足太陽膀胱經
  1. Tongziliao 瞳子髎
  2. Tinghui 聽會
  3. Shangguan 上關
  4. Hanyan 頷厭
  5. Xuanlu 懸顱
  6. Xuanli 懸厘
  7. Qubin 曲鬢
  8. Shuaigu 率谷
  9. Tianchong 天沖
  10. Fubai 浮白
  11. Touqiaoyin 頭竅陰
  12. Wangu 完骨
  13. Benshen 本神
  14. Yangbai 陽白
  15. Toulinqi 頭臨泣
  16. Muchuang 目窗
  17. Zhengying 正營
  18. Chengling 承靈
  19. Naokong 腦空
  20. Fengchi 風池
  21. Jianjing 肩井
  22. Yuanye 淵腋
  23. Zhejin 輒筋
  24. Riyue 日月
  25. Jingmen 京門
  26. Daimai 帶脈
  27. Wushu 五樞
  28. Weidao 維道
  29. Juliao 居髎
  30. Huantiao 環跳
  31. Fengshi 風市
  32. Zhongdu 中瀆
  33. Xiyangguan 膝陽關
  34. Yanglingquan 陽陵泉
  35. Yangjiao 陽交
  36. Waiqiu 外丘
  37. Guangming 光明
  38. Yangfu 陽輔
  39. Xuanzhong 懸鐘[d]
  40. Qiuxu 丘墟
  41. Zulinqi 足臨泣
  42. Diwuhui 地五會
  43. Xiaxi 俠谿
  44. Zuqiaoyin 足竅陰
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