Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #126

One more or One Less

Every day we practice our Qigong and it makes us feel good.  if it is a busy day, I will practice twice a day for half an hour to an hour.  If it is not a busy day but a good relaxing day, I will practice four times a day.  This keeps my health in good condition.

If we practice the same amount of time every day the result will be the same, just the same as if we save £10 a day after 100 days we will have £1000. However, if we spend £1 on sweets and candy then we will only save £9 and after 100 days we will only have £900. This means we are £100 down on what we thought we would have, and if we really needed that £1000 on the 100th day then we will not achieve our goal.  On the other hand, if we saved £11 a day then after 100 days we will have £1100.  Therefore we have £100 bonus. £1 more or £1 less does not seem to be much difference, but in the long run it is a big difference. So when we practice we should think about doing just a little bit more or practise more than once a day, then in the long run after 10 or 20 years we will be much healthier which is the same as having extra years.


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