Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #125

Good Nature

Qigong Dao7 9A good habit like practicing Qigong gives us good energy. Good energy leads to many good things, good health, positive thinking and happiness.  What we do everyday leads us to the future we will have. Good habits will lead to a good future, but this also means bad habits will lead us to a bad future.  For example being lazy, cheating, taking advantage of people will all have negative effects on us. If you behave like this you may have bad friends around you who will encourage you to do more bad things. So we should try and have good habits, even if there is nobody looking at us we should still maintain our good habits.

To begin with we have to start and try to form some good habits.  You can relax, keep a good posture, get into less confrontations (although this does not mean we will not do this, but we will only do it when it is really necessary).  All these habits that I have mentioned are based on the physical body and our thinking is based on how healthy we are.  When we are healthy, we are happy, more relaxed and so we do not worry.  We will also be sincere when we are dealing with other people and work together with a good attitude.  Whenever we do things which involve other people we will always think of them first. This is all because we have a healthy body and so we have a better nature.  When we are not happy we will very easily do the wrong thing and upset others. So we must maintain a good habit of practicing our Qigong in order to change our nature and become more positive.

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