Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #124


Wild Goose Qigong - Master TseEvery day when we wake up in the morning we all have our own morning routine. You might go to the toilet, brush your teeth and wash your face.  Some of you might have a shower, get dressed, and then you might have your breakfast, check your phone for any messages, read the news, check your email or even rush to work. You will follow the same routine every day, unless one morning is a very unusual day. Even if you are on holiday you will still do the same things (apart from rushing to work). However for those of us who study Qigong we will also go out to practice before we go to work.  Why is this? This is because Qigong is very important to us and makes us feel healthy. After practising we have more energy to deal with our daily life and this makes us happier, more relaxed,  our minds clearer and so we worry less.

So practicing Qigong every day is very important as that is part of our lives and becomes our habit. We will usually practice at least twice a day, in the morning and the evening as this follows nature.  We need to make it a habit of it and a good habit is a good friend as it leads to success and happiness.


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