Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #29

3 Major Cultures

DaoWe know that Chinese Culture is bases on Daoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. These three major ethics are not really religions, they are educations. When you study these educations, you do not need to believe in them. We study them, follow their philosophies and ways and in the end, if we like them we trust them. To other people it looks like belief, but we like it, practise it and trust it. In this way we become Dao, Buddha or Kong Zi. It is the same as a teacher teaching a student. The student learns and then becomes a teacher, and each generation will develop the teaching based on their experience and improve the skills as each individual has their own experiences and they will all be slightly different. In this way the skill or knowledge will improve in different areas and different periods of time. Like a big tree has many branches stretch out in different directions, but all the branches are coming from the same trunk and roots. Nature is always changing, people are always changing, countries are always changing, the universe is always changing, but the change should make things better. However one thing that does not change is the principle. Daoism is nature, Buddhism is Cause and Effect and Confucianism is Behaviour. All of them can be together and in fact, when we reach a high level they are all the same. A lot time we can see the high level is very simple natural.

Michael Tse

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  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    Hi Sigong,

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. I love reading both your Qigong Dao and Wing Chun Notes. It is great to have such deep knowledge explained simply and made so easy to understand.

    Best wishes and kind regards,


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