Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #28

Qigong Dao氣功

Qigong Dao 4The name of this blog is Qigong Dao 氣功. This means Qigong follows nature. We know that Dao means follow nature and so when we practise Qigong we follow the natural way. However, it is very difficult to say what is the natural way as how can you tell? This is all based on the result. When we do things we follow our feelings. If we are right, then the result makes us feel good about it, but often it is not easy to tell. For example, it is like sweets or candy, we like to eat them and they make us feel good, but eat too much and they will harm us. So another part of telling if we are right, we can do that thing for a long time, perhaps even forever. If we just feel good at that time, then it might harm us later as this is not natural way. Also we should not force ourselves to do things, but sometimes we need to work hard in order to push our body to a different level. Progression takes time. Becoming natural takes experience and a lot of learning that is why we need a teacher and we need to observe nature.

Good Qigong should be healthy, natural and allows us to progress properly. This is why so many styles of Qigong come from Daoism, and of course, there are also many that have come from Buddhism and Confucianism and other styles too.

Michael Tse

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