Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #149

Grandmaster Yang Meijun 楊梅君 pt 8

At this time Grandmaster Yang Meijun 楊梅君 was treating many patients. She even taught some of her students to be able to use their Qi to treat people. After seeing so many people she realised that even though some of them were practising Qigong their skill was very weak. One patient came to see her and told her, “I have been practising meditation by lying down but even though I have been practising for a while I still feel very weak and tired. Am I doing something wrong?”  Grandmaster Yang looked at him and could see that his eyes were a little yellow and had dark shadows underneath.  She told him, ” You are too Yin 陰 and are losing your Qi.  You always feel cold and weak, am I right?”  The man was very surprised and said, “Yes! I feel cold and weak all the time and I have no energy.”  She continued to explain to him, “You need to do more movement as this is Yang 陽. We have meditation but this is Yin. Movement circulates the Qi and meditation stores it. Yin and Yang must balance just like day and night. Some people need more movement and some people need more meditation.  You need more movement to get rid of your cold and damp energy.”


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