Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #148

Grandmaster Yang Meijun 楊梅君 pt 7

Qigong Dao 7During that period of time, Qigong became very popular.  Many people began practising Qigong and also discovered the benefits of Qigong for their health. However, the “magic” of Qi made people crazy to learn and so many people just learnt from books and not from a teacher and this caused some of them some problems.  Grandmaster Yang Meijun saw many kinds of Qigong spreading out very quickly. She knew that this could also cause some problems if people did not study correctly.  As a result she was very clear with her students and told them they must learn the skill properly and teach it properly because she did not want her Qigong to have a bad name. She knew that many people could benefit from Wild Goose Qigong 大雁氣功 and she did not want this to be affected. She emphasised that’s Wild Goose Qigong did not use visualisation since many people were focusing on the feeling of Qi instead of focusing on the details and the principles of the skill. She emphasised that Wild Goose practice must first be relaxed and second the student should not think about anything apart from concentrating on the movements. She taught that we should empty our minds to allow everything to follow the natural way, from our breathing to the feelings of Qi. If we follow the natural way, of relaxation and an empty mind then we will never have a problem.


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