Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #107

Good Beginning Not as Good as Good Ending 好頭不如好尾

A lot of students can have a good relationship with the teacher in the beginning. Even the teacher might like them a lot and he or she would not mind teaching them everything because the skills need to be passed down. Any teacher who keeps the skill and does not pass it down is disrespecting the skill and the ancestors of the skill. Of Course the teachers will be careful to find the right students.

Some students however after a certain time disappear from the class and do not see the teacher. Of course they must be certain reasons for this, but we have a saying in Chinese, “Good beginnings are not as good as good endings.”  Even though a student might have personal things they need to sort out, it is not good if they leave the teacher without saying goodbye or telling them the reason. Someone like this will find it hard to be a good and loyal friend because they will treat other people like friends and family like that as well. It will make others find wasting the time for that relationship.

If we have to leave the teacher, we must tell the teacher why.  Even after this we should still keep in touch by occasionally sending them a card or calling them up to say hello. This is being a good student and person, this is also a good ending. If someone can be like that then there were also have a lot of good people around them.

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