Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #44

Hard Qigong Training

Dao-44Most of the time, when we are talking about Qigong we talk about gentle and soft Qigong which is good for our health and can also develop some psychic and healing abilities. However, there is another powerful Qigong training which we call Hard Qigong.

Hard Qigong training is demanding as it has a lot of physical training, strong breathing and directing of the Qi. Therefore it has a lot of rules that must be strictly followed. There are some gentle exercises in Hard Qigong, but in comparison to Soft Qigong it is very demanding. We therefore need a good teacher to learn from who cannot only perform the movements, but also train you to do all those powerful skills. Hard Qigong demands strength and repetition of the movements and so we must follow the instructions and rules.

Basically, for any Qigong training we must have a good teacher who is healthy and has a good and proper lineage. The teacher must have experience in bringing up students to be able to do it correctly. It is not so straight forward as learning from anyone, as people can easily create and modify the exercises. So it is best to learn from a good teacher.

Michael Tse

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