Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #80

Knowing Things

When our Qi氣 is full and have more Qi goes to our brain, that is not only we do remember things that we had forgotten, but we also start to know many other things. For example, when you see a person, you can tell what kind of person they are, whether they are kind, aggressive, active or passive. You can tell their character and their nature. Once my Wife (Simo) and I were talking to someone about possibly decorating our home, but after the meeting when we discussed it I told my wife that person was not good for the job, I could tell he was not reliable. So afterwards we found someone who was more reliable.

In 1996 when I was still in Manchester I decided it was time to look for an office. In the end I found an office in Altrincham. When I first saw it I had a good feeling and also when I talked to the landlords. We decided to take it. Since then we were there over 13 years and made the Tse Qigong Centre a strong, international organisation and also developed many good students in many countries around the world.

When our Qi is strong our feelings or sense about things is strong and so we know what will happen, when things are right and when things are not. If something is not right our Qi will tell us and we will feel and uncomfortable feeling, so our intuition is strong. This is actually a natural ability. Today the way of modern society we live we have lost it. However if we watch all animals they all have it.

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