Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #81

The Process of Jing精, Qi氣, Shen神

Even if their Qi is strong a lot of people will still not trust their feeling and their senses, so in the end they will make mistakes. Of course, when someone has a certain feeling it does not necessarily mean they are right and this is because they are not healthy enough. Good health is very important, as when we are healthy this ability will come. So there is a process that we must go through.

First we need to cultivate our Jing精 (sexual energy), this is why when the Qi builds we have sexual feelings. When we keep building then we develop Qi, which is vital energy. Then we are healthier as the Qi supplies the organs and the entire body. When the Qi keeps building up it becomes Shen神, which is spiritual energy, is your mind’s energy, that affects your feelings, your intuition. All your sensations all become stronger and clearer. Some people are born with these strong senses and these people are psychic, but their minds are not clear enough and so they will pick up all kinds of information, some of which will be true and some will be false. So we must build up our Qi through the process of Jing, Qi and Shen. This is the right process to follow to be healthy first and then the senses.

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