Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #5

Qi Affects our Life

Qigong Dao 5Qi is life. The more Qi we have better the condition of our health. Ordinary people have a normal good quality of Qi, so they can live healthily. But if they use their energy a lot, like working too hard and not resting enough, then they will feel tired. If they continue with this lifestyle they can become ill, and if they do not change the way they live they will continue to lose their Qi and can become very ill. If they continue to lose Qi when they are ill, then they will die.

If somebody is ill, but they are careful with their Qi and do not let themselves become exhausted and tired they can live longer. If they gather even more Qi, for instance through practising Qigong 氣功, or having a healthier diet, then they can even recover. If they continue practising of Qigong to cultivate even more Qi, they can be very healthy.

So we need to take care of our Qi and cultivate more. Practising Qigong, having a good healthy diet, plenty of fresh air and relaxation and enough rest will develop our Qi. This is how important Qi is to our lives.

Michael Tse

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