Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #4

Feeling of Qi

When we relax enough, we can feel the Qi . For some people it may take longer to feel anything, this is because they are less sensitive. Other people may feel things more quickly because they are more sensitive, but if you cannot feel anything it does not mean there is no Qi inside the body.

When we are relaxed we can feel warm and tingly in certain areas. It can make the skin lighter and more colourful and make the body a little bit bigger. This means more Qi flows under the skin and more blood flows at the same time. The stronger the Qi, then the veins and blood vessels are more open because the circulation is stronger.

Qigong Dao 4We might also notice that the breathing changes and becomes stronger when we have more Qi. As the breathing becomes more obvious, in certain areas we might feel pulsing and even might feel our internal organs, but at the same time we will feel calm. Sometimes it can feel like our palms are like magnets attracting and repelling each other. These are very interesting feelings and there are even more. However, we should not focus too much on this or try to make these feelings happen. All we should do is relax as relaxation is the key to enable the Qi to flow. The more relaxed we are the more easily the Qi will flow and the feelings will come naturally.

Michael Tse

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  1. Lee Masters
    Lee Masters says:

    Even just reading this makes me feel more relaxed and reminds me to seek deeper and deeper relaxation as the movements become more familiar to me. Thank you Sigong.

  2. Saskia v. Heusden
    Saskia v. Heusden says:

    To read this part is to better understand the importance of the right focus. The “mantra” is becoming clearer and clearer: RELAXATION! For me it is important to be reminded and the way this comes to me through your teaching, Sifu, is so giving because you differ the angles but your message is the same. That also makes your teaching fascinating and never boring.
    Thank you. SvH


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