Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #3

History of Qi

Even though ancient Chinese people discovered Qi, it did not change their lives much as they did not do anything with this knowledge. However, some of them wrote about it and described the feeling they had, the area where they felt the Qi. They even wrote about the time they felt the sensation.

Dao 3China is the only culture that has had writing for over 3000 years. There was writing even before this, but there were many kinds and it was the first Emperor who unified all the Chinese writing and this is still used today. This has meant that the knowledge of the past can pass down more easily to today. Everything from Chinese philosophy, medicine, education, strategy, history and even cooking has been passed down. So the cultural roots are very deep.

In this way the knowledge of Qi has also passed down, how it flows, how it relates with the internal organs, how it has its own individual channels, points and areas. It is a complete system that relates to the whole body. Even though we cannot see it, it is working 24 hours a day. When our Qi flows smoothly we are healthy, but if it is blocked, then we will feel discomfort, pain and even become ill. So the Qi dictates our health and this decides our lives. Qi is very important.

Michael Tse

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