Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 276

Preparing for Meditation – Pt1

Standing Meditation

Whenever we first begin to meditate, we can find it difficult to relax and go into a meditative situation. When this happens we need things to help us. It is just like trying to start a car that has a flat battery and it needs a jump start to get it going. So when you are beginning to practise meditation, there are many ways that can help you get going and after you have been practising many times you will not need them.

Meditation is important and it is a big part of Qìgōng training. One part is movement and the other part is meditation. When we want to meditate, we can choose to sit on a chair, sit on a cushion or stand. Whichever we choose, we need to keep our back straight and this means the Baihui Point 百會穴 and the Huìyīn Point 會陰穴 are in line. If sitting, we can rest our hands on our knees, but there are many different hand positions we can choose. If we are sitting on a chair, our knees and ankles should be in vertical line and the feet should rest flat on the floor. If we are in a Lotus position with our legs crossed, gentlemen should have their left leg on top and ladies should have their right leg on top. If we are standing, like in Zhàn Zhuang 站樁 (Standing Pole) we can rest our hands in front of our Dantian, so that the Láogōng Points 劳宫穴 face the Qìhǎi Point 氣海穴.

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