Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 277

Preparing for Meditation – pt2

Once we have the right position, whether it is a Lotus, sitting on a chair or standing, we must make sure our back is straight so that the Bǎihuì 百會穴 and Huìyīn Points 會陰穴 are in a vertical line. This will help our Qi to flow properly. We then need to relax.

Method 1

Start to relax from the stop of your head, then relax your face and neck, relax your shoulders, relax the upper arms, relax the lower arms. Now relax the chest and the upper back. Relax the stomach and lower back, relax the waist and relax the hips.

As we move through each part of the body, we gently think of that part and relax it. We may not reach 100% relaxation, but at least we will be more relaxed than before. If relaxing once is not enough, we can repeat the relaxation from the top of the head again to the hips (this is basically the area of the Dāntián), however three times is enough, so if you want to repeat it, do not do this more than three times. If we do it more than three times, we will actually become over stimulated and we will not be able to empty the mind and reach the meditative state. I usually suggest only doing it once and then keeping the position, let go the mind, breathe naturally, keep still, relax and then let everything happen. This means let whatever we fell happen. Whatever does happen, do not treat it seriously as it is natural. You may feel tingling, you might cough, you might breathe heavily, you might feel some pain, you might feel itchy, you might break wind or start yawning. Let it all happen as these are all natural.

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