Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 278

Preparing for Meditation – pt3

When we Shǒu Gōng, we rub the palms of our hands together, around six to nine times, and this brings more Qi to the palms. We then wash our faces starting from the Yíngxiāng Points 迎香穴 by the both sides of nostril, We touch the tips of the index finger to the Yíngxiāng Points and the rub up from the nose, pass the palms over the eyes (this means the Láogōng Points 劳宫穴), the palms then go over the head cover the Bǎihuì Point百會穴, then they come down the back of the head, the Láogōng Points 勞宫穴then pass over the ears and then finally the hands pass down the side of the face so the fingertips pass over the mouth. We repeat another two times and this means we do this three times in total,

When we practise meditation, the length of time we meditate for is not the most important thing. The feeling we have is the most important. We do not have to meditate for too long, but we should feel good, be able to relax and let go. If we can do this, then the Qi will flow through the body. This will make us feel really good, so good that we do not want to stop. We should meditate until the body tells us that it is enough. This could be only ten minutes, half an hour, one hour or even more. A good meditation recharges the Qi, keeps the body balanced and the internal body functioning well. We keep going up to the point where the body tells us to stop and then we should do Shǒu Gōng收功.

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