Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 279

Preparing for Meditation – pt4

When we have finished washing the face, we lower both hands to our sides and then bring them back up and around, like we  are collecting Qi from all around us, with the palms facing up. We then bring them above our head and then slowly lower them down, with the palms facing towards us, past the face, in front of the chest and along the Rèn Mài 任脉 down to the Dāntián丹田. We repeat another two times, making three times in total. Each time the hands reach the Dāntián, we let them settle for a moment so that the Qi can rest at the Dāntián.

This is the whole mediation from beginning to end. Remember, meditation is for gathering the Qi, particularly after we have been doing our movements. We should never do it the other way round. The preparation for meditation is to help those find meditation difficult and cannot settle their minds.

Method 2 – Listen to the Breathing

When we are in our meditation position and we try to settle, we may have many thoughts and so we can focus on our breathing. Then we can slowly start to forget the other thoughts. We can do this when we are feeling confused, just focus on one thing and that one thing will help us settle our mind and make eventually everything in order.

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