Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 280

Preparing for Meditation – pt5

Method 3 – Listen to Music

When we are in our meditation position and we have relaxed, we can turn on some soft music. We should not have it too loud; it should be background music and should not run too long, this is because we need to let go of it and become silent. Ideally, we should be able to mediate without music, but at the beginning, music can affect our attitude, soft music can calm us and loud music can make us excited. When we practise Qìgōng, we want to be calm and relaxed, so it must be gentle music and there should be no lyrics, because words have a message and when we are meditating, we do not want any messages. We only want calming music that will run for only two or three minutes, and then that is enough and then there should be no sound. Then we can go into our meditation and let everything happen inside our mind and body. Then towards the end, when we find that is enough, we can Shǒu Gōng收功.

Method 4 – Mantra

We can also use a mantra to help us mediate, like certain sounds or even a sentence that has a meaning, like “Relax the body and mind” , “Let it go, let it go” or “Be Healthy and Happy” etc. Whatever we use, after we have repeated it about 20 times then do not need to say it again. From then on, we just empty the mind, let everything happens inside our mind and the body, do not need to think about the time until we find it is enough, , then we can start to do the Shou Gong.

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