Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 281

Preparing for Meditation – pt6

Method 5 – Imagination

When we are in our meditation position, we can also use imagination to help us meditate. We can imagine something like a waterfall, the stars, a forest, a beach, the sea or ocean, a temple, in fact any scenery that makes you feel relaxed. We can imagine it for about a minute, then we must let it go, then relax the body and mind, as this is the most important thing until when you feel that you have done enough, you can finish and Shǒu Gōng 收功.

Method 6 – Watch an Object

We can also choose a object to look at. For example, if you are sitting in your garden, you can look at tree, a flower, a bush, even an animal, or people walking and children playing. Then we can close our eyes and meditate. We just need the image of that object to calm us and help us relax so that we can meditate and let go the body and mind. Then, when we feel that is good enough, we can open our eyes and Shǒu Gōng.

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