Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #13

Move from the Dantian丹田

Dao 13: Move from DantianWhen we are moving, how do we know our posture is correct? The answer is we must move from the waist. The waist is the centre of the body, it is our Dantian丹田, where our Qi is stored and from the Dantian it goes to the rest of the body. When we work on Qi and study Qigong the concept is different from Western Medicine. In Chinese medicine we look at the body as whole, as one. It is like the Earth, when one part has a problem, such as an earthquake or a big storm. It will affect another area. Everything is connected. So we must find the centre of the whole object. For us, it is the waist, which we call the Dantian. Even when we move our arms we must make it come from the Dantian, every step we make must come from the Dantian. Also the left side should also coordinate with the right side and vice versa. Also the upper body must coordinate with the lower body together and they do this through the Dantian.

Michael Tse

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