Master Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 263

Seven Hollows Qī Qiào 七竅 – Part 5

After our Qìgōng movements we always do some mediation. When we have finished our meditation, we always ‘wash’ our faces using the palms of our hands. First, we will touch the nose, either side of the nostrils with the fingertips, then rub the palms up the face passing over the eyes, ears and the mouth. This covers the Seven Hollows Qī Qiào 七竅. Every time we touch them, the Qì will go back to the internal organs. When we touch the nose, the Qì will go to the lungs, when we touch the eyes the Qì will go to the liver and when we touch the ears the Qì will go to the kidneys. When we touch the mouth, the Qì will go to the spleen and mouth also connects with the tongue and so the Qì will go to the heart, and this will create a lot of saliva. We should swallow this saliva because it will be good for the digestive system.

We also have Qìgōng forms where we wash the face to stimulate the Seven Hollows. In Swimming Dragon Gong 游龍功 we have the movement “Buddha Washes the Face” 佛袓游臉. In Triple Crossing Spiral Gong 三叉螺旋功 we have the movement “Seven Hollows and Trigeminal Nerves Opening 七竅三叉神經開”. The Seven Hollows are very important for our senses and our internal organs. If the Seven Hollows are healthy, then the internal organs will be healthy as well.

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