Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #171

Lotus Meditation pt2

Full Lotus Position Back straight

Once we have chosen our lotus position, whether it is a Full Lotus, Single Lotus or Normal Lotus, we need to sit in our backs straight. This means that the Baihui百會 point and the Huiyin 會陰 point are in a vertical line.  You should not drop the head or bend our backs if at all possible.  Some people have back, neck or shoulder problems and so keeping a straight back is very difficult for them, so in this case it is better to relax and let the back bend slightly as relaxation is most important.

Having considered the position of our back we must then think about our legs. Our legs must not be higher than our waist as this actually helps to keep our back straight. If you cannot do this then you can sit on a cushion or a very low stool so that your knees are not higher than your waist.

When everything is correct then you close your eyes and mouth and you must breathe through your nose. Remember the nose is for breathing and the mouth is for eating and talking, so we should not use the mouth to breathe. Some people find it difficult to breathe through their nose, but if they can relax their bodies enough most of them will slowly be able to breathe through their nose. If we breathe through the mouth we cannot relax as your breath will be shorter and so it will make us tired. With the mouth closed it means the tongue will naturally touch the upper palate. This means the tongue will lie at the bottom of the lower teeth and upper palate inside the mouth, but actually once you relax your mouth your tongue will be in the right place so you do not need to worry about this.

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