Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #170

Full Lotus Position sideview

Full Lotus Position

Lotus Meditation pt1

During meditation, we can relax the most if we either sit in a lotus position or on a chair. If we stand in a high position we will not relax the whole body as much as sitting in lotus position or on a chair. Usually sitting in lotus position is the best, and sitting for a long time is a high level but not everybody can do that. In order to do this we must sit comfortably in a full lotus which means that both legs cross over each other. Traditionally the left foot would be on top for gentlemen and the right foot would be on top for ladies. In order to do this well we would start at a young age where the legs are thinner and the joints more flexible making it easier to do.  Most of us like to practice a lot of Horse Stance and do more standing meditation than Lotus sitting, and as a result sitting in a lotus position is more difficult as the legs are stronger they are thicker as the muscles are bigger. When I was in my 20s and 30s I could easily do a lotus position, but now since my legs are stronger I can only do a single lotus, where only one leg is on the top rather than a full lotus position.  In a single lotus position the left leg is on top for men and the right leg is on top for ladies. It is like the hands in front of the Dantian, gentlemen should have the left hand on top and ladies have the right on top.  If we find the full Lotus or single lotus positions are too difficult then we can just do a normal lotus position. This means legs are just crossed together, however gentleman should still have their left leg on top and ladies should have the right leg on top.


Normal Lotus Position
Normal Lotus Position Sideview
Single Lotus Position
Single Lotus Position Sideview
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