Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #140

Qigong for Yuan Qi 元氣 and Zong Qi 宗氣

When we practise Qigong our Qi becomes stronger. What effect does this have on our Yuan Qi元氣, Zong Q i宗氣, Ying Qi 营氣 and Wei Qi 衛氣? First of all our Qi will make the Yuan Qi function well and this means it makes the Yuan Qi stronger. For example, take someone whose parents and both tall. You can say they are meant to be tall because their parents are tall. However if when they were a child, they grew up in a bad environment or where there is war then maybe they will not grew up to be as tall as they should have been. This means their Yuan Qi does not function fully. On the other hand, if they have strong Qi to strengthen their Yuan Qi, when they reach puberty then they might grow taller than they would have done normally. So if we grow up in good circumstances, have good nutrition, exercise, good air and practise Qigong when we are young, then the whole body will function well. The strong part will become even stronger and the weak part will get stronger than normal.

Of course, if we have a good environment, grow up with good food and practise Qigong, then our Zong Qi will also be strong. Then any food we eat will digest better and we will be able to get rid of negative and unhealthy food more easily. So making our Qi strong will make our Zong Qi strong and so the body will function well.

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