Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 198

Teeth – Part 2

Horse Stance can help strengthen bones and teeth

Apart from practising Horse Stance, is there any other way to train our teeth? We can train out teeth same way as a baby does. Babies like to bite on things so even adults can use those soft chewy teethers. Even as adults we still need to use our teeth and train them. Other animals have strong teeth because they use them a lot. Any part of the body that we do not use will become weaker and so we need to find something soft and hard enough in order to use our teeth. You can try biting down hard on something 50 times or even 100 times a day. Eventually the teeth will become stronger. If you have a week tooth, then bite gently and slowly build up until you can bite hard. If you have painful teeth this can help eliminate the pain.

In some Hard Qigong training we use our teeth to bite on hard things, even biting to lift heavy objects! Doing this will eventually make the roots of the teeth very strong, but we must build up very slowly, little by little, until we are comfortable biting the hard object. With any Hard Qigong, we must train properly with qualified Sīfú who can do the same training, especially when we are training the teeth. So we should begin like babies and bite soft objects first.

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