photo Supporting the Sky

Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 199

Energy of the Day

photo Supporting the Sky
Msater Tse – Supporting the Sky

Every morning when we wake up one of the first things we do is check the weather. We look at the temperature and if there is a clear sky. If the weather is going to be good and there is a clear sky we already start feeling good. However, if the weather is going to be cold and wet then we already feel a bit down. Then when we go to work we already feel a little bit moody and so can easily make mistakes, have an accident or cause other problems. The weather and temperature affects us. It is the same when we have finished work and go home. If the weather is good then we already feel more relaxed, easy going and happier. So nature, the weather and the seasons affect us.

If we look at the whole day and divide it into four parts, this gives us Morning, Noon, Sunset and Late Evening. Four parts of the day allow us to relate the time to the internal organs. Morning, this is the sunrise, so it is like the sun starting and everything warms up. Plants want to start growing and so this time of the day is the wood element. Wood relates to the Liver. Noon it is very hot, the sun is right over head, and so it is like fire. Fire relates to the Heart. Sunset is much cooler and you can start to feel chilly. It is like Metal and Metal relates to the Lungs. Then there is Late Evening and this is the coldest time of the day, this is like water or ice. The Water element relates to the Kidneys. From this we can see that the whole day relates to certain energy and certain organs which can make them stronger or weaker.

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