Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 200

Energy of the Year

Master Tse – Jade Pillar Gong

If we look at the whole year, in a similar way we looked at a day, then we can also split into four different times. Spring is like the Morning and the Liver become stronger just like the plants starting to grow. Summer is hot, nowadays it is even hotter than before because of global warming. This is Fire and it relates to the Heart and so the heart becomes stronger. In Autumn the temperature begins to drop and so it is Metal. Metal relates the Lungs and therefore the Lungs become stronger and create more energy. Winter is much colder and many places it snows. This is Water and so the Kidneys will become stronger. However if we want to include the Spleen, which is also one of the five major organs, then we can divide 12 months of the year into 5 and this gives each element 2.4 months each. Of course in reality things are never equal. We should observe a feel nature in different countries and places. So when the energy is born, this is Wood and so relate to Liver. When everything around is hot and growing this is Fire and relates to the Heart. When everything in nature is absorbing and digesting this is Earth and this relates to the Spleen. When everything around in nature is collecting or harvesting, then this is Metal which relates to the Lungs. When everything around in nature is holding back, hiding or storing then this is Water and this relates to the Kidneys. 

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    Reem Saleh Ambah says:

    Hello Master Tse,
    I would like to take regular classes with you , can you provide your schedule for the month of August kindly , looking forward to hear from you



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