Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 201

Four Energies Connect Everywhere

In certain countries and places, Summer and Winter can be very long or very short. Even the days can be very long or very short and this means the night time is also very long or very short. However, they are no different to any other area since they can still be divided into warmer days and colder days and warmer seasons and colder seasons. Animals and plants will still take the chance to grow and reproduce and so we can see that in nature there is always two opposite energies – hot and cold. As there are two we can then divide them into four, and so we have four seasons and four times of the day, which relate to our internal organs. Morning relates to the Liver, Noon relates to the heart, Sunset relates to the Lungs and Evening relates to the Kidneys. It is the same with the four seasons, Spring relates to the Liver, Summer relates to the heart, Autumn relates to the Lungs and Winter relates to the Kidneys. However, these relationships only apply when we are in the Northern Hemisphere. It is different in the Southern Hemisphere because Summer is cold and the Winter is hot, so Spring relates to the Lungs, Summer relates to the Kidneys, Autumn relates to the Liver and Winter relates to the Heart. So we can see that it is just the opposite. It is all based on the temperature and it is the temperature that affects our internal organs.

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