Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 197

Teeth – Part 1

Your Qi effects your teeth

The mouth, tongue and teeth are all connected.  I often hear of people who have teeth problems and less who say they have a problem with their mouth or tongue.  It’s true, if there is a problem with the mouth or tongue, after a couple of days, weeks or even a month or so these problems have usually healed. However problems with the teeth can last a lifetime and usually once there is a problem with the teeth, more problems will come along. This is because the teeth are the same as our bones. Think about it? If you cut your skin or pull a muscle, after a while it will heal, but if the bones have a problem the whole body will have a problem. Even healing the bones takes a long time. So how can we make our teeth healthy with Qigong? 

The Qigong way to strengthen our teeth is same as how we train our bones. How do we train our bones? I’m sure many students already know the answer to this – Horse Stance! Correct!  Horse Stance trains our bones, particularly when we do a low horse stance. After a while our legs become stronger and thicker because the bones have become stronger and bigger. At the same time the teeth will also become stronger. Most of our students who practise Horse Stance regularly have strong teeth, and I rarely hear them complain about their teeth. Usually men’s teeth are better than ladies, particularly after women give birth, their teeth become weaker.

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