Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 196

Tongue – Part 4

If we take a look inside the mouth, we will see there are some acupuncture points we can stimulate by moving the mouse and the tongue. Doing this will create a lot of saliva and this is good for the digestive system and also calming the mind. We can also massage the mouth while we are brushing our teeth using our toothbrush. Of course we need to be quite gentle when brushing our teeth as it is not just a matter of cleaning the teeth and getting rid of small food particles, we can also use the toothbrush to massage our gums and tongue. We can even massage our teeth and gums using our fingers, which of course must be clean.

Here are some acupuncture points inside the mouth that we can massage. The Xuan Ming Point 懸命穴 is in the middle of the upper gum and above this is the Yin Jiao Point 齦交穴. When we massage the Xuan Ming Point we will also massage the Yin Jiao Point as they are so close together. The middle of the lower gum, below the teeth is the Chun Li Point 唇裏穴. In the middle of the tongue is the Ju Quan Point 聚泉穴, underneath the tongue on the left is the Jin Jin Point 金津穴and the Yu Ye Point 玉液穴 is on the right.  People like to say “Jin Jin Yu Ye 金津玉液”, this translates as “Golden Saliva Jade liquid” and means that saliva is healthy liquid medicine. At the middle of the underside of the tongue is the Hai Quan Point 海泉穴.

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