Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 195

Tongue – Part 3

Sometimes an ulcer can form underneath the tongue.  These are uncomfortable and can be quite painful, particularly when we are eating very juicy and sour food, for example oranges. When we look in a mirror we can see the ulcer and sometimes we can see cold sores around the mouth and even see some dark veins under the tongue as well. These are caused by bad circulation as the negative blood becomes stuck in the veins.

To help relieve these things, we can exercise the tongue regularly, twice a day, or whenever we exercise the mouth we can exercise the tongue as well, this includes the lips as these are all in the same area. Every time we move the mouth we also move the tongue. We should move at least 36 times in all directions, in many different ways, in fact we should move them in every way we can. We can also massage the mouth and the tongue with our fingers, of course we should always wash our fingers and hands before doing this. Ulcers and cold sores around the mouth and the tongue are usually caused by too much fire inside the organs, particularly the stomach, liver and kidneys. Too much heat gets stuck in the organs and cannot be released and this causes all these problems.

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