Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 194

Tongue – Part 2

As part of a diagnosis, Chinese doctors will always look at a patient’s tongue. This is because on the tongue we can see the problems with our internal organs. For example, if the tongue is too red this means there is too much fire, too much Yang in the body and this affects the heart. If the tongue is too dark then this is very bad as it means the kidneys have a problem and many of the internal organs are in a bad condition. Usually the tongue is a healthy pink and red colour, and is moist and full of saliva. If it is too white it also means there is too much fire too, but it affects the lungs and stomach. When it is too yellow it means that the spleen has a problem.

Areas of the Tongue

We do not just look at the surface colour of the tongue, we also look at different areas of the tongue the tongue. The back of the tongue, deep inside the mouth relates to the kidneys. The middle part relates to the stomach and spleen. In Chinese medicine the stomach and the spleen are connected, the spleen is the yin organ and the stomach is the Yang organ. The tip of the tongue relates to the heart, both sides of the tongue relate to Liver and Gall Bladder, the Liver and the Gall Bladder are related, with the Liver being the in organ and the Gall Bladder being the Yang organ. Any area of the tongue which is not normal shows that the organs have a problem.

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